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One of the biggest mysteries that have puzzled fans of the legendary Columbo series is his first name. From the pilot episode to the most recent if Columbo were ever asked for his first name he would answer Lieutenant, from his fellow police colleagues to the murder suspect he was known as Lieutenant Columbo.

Columbo - Peter Falk

It seems fitting that we don't know his first name because we only ever see Columbo on the job in the role of the LAPD detective we know and love.

Viewers only ever got wind of what Columbo was like outside of work when he was trying the trap the murder often mentioning his wife, nephews and nieces.

After years of searching and lots of speculation from fans of the show no one was any the wiser to Columbo's first name. You will her of many people trying to catch a glimpse of Lieutenant Columbo's badge when he would show his identification to a suspect. But of course when his did show his identification the camera angle wouldn't allow you a clear show of the name printed on the ID.

Well wonder no more we are able to confirm the mystery first name which is:

Lieutenant Frank Columbo.

Did you guess it correct, often people have thought it was Philip but thanks to Universal we are able to confirm it is Frank Columbo. If you have any doubt it is mentioned on the Universal UK site, I quote:

"Let Universal Playback reacquaint you with one of the greatest, most offbeat detectives of television history, Lieutenant Frank Columbo."

If you would like to read the article in full please click on this link: Universal reveal Lieutenant Columbo's first name.

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Columbo's First Name
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