Columbo was and still is a legendary television show. Columbo was the first of a new breed of television detectives. Peter Falk starred as the legendary Police Lieutenant Columbo. Columbo is one of the most off beat detectives television has ever seen. Lieutenant Columbo was perceived as a slow-witted, shabby Lieutenant with his ever-present cigar.

Columbo - Peter Falk

Columbo ran from 1971– 1979 however the pilot was first aired in 1968 running for 7 seasons on NBC. From 1989 to the present day Columbo has been revived including one off specials.

The legend that is Columbo:

Lieutenant Columbo – Peter Falk

Lieutenant Columbo was part of The NBC Mystery Movie franchise. Columbo's first name according to NBC is still a mystery however Legendary TV has discovered Lieutenant Columbo's first name. This has been a mystery since the very first pilot in 1971 but thanks to Universal we can confirm his first name. Please click on the link to your right for a special dedicated page on Lieutenant Columbo's first name.

Richard Levinson and William Link created Columbo but the Legendary Peter Falk brought Lieutenant Columbo to life. Peter Falk gave a legendary performance in each Columbo episode and thanks to Peter's passion for making this show the best it could ever be the show was number one for many years.

Columbo the show had a number of trademarks which included the murder always taking place at the beginning of each episode, this put a new twist in murder mysteries. Although the audience knew who the murderer was they now had the challenge of trying to out wit the murderer and discover clues from the killers mistakes.

This show was more about the detective who solved the crimes, Lieutenant Columbo, rather than the more traditional mysteries of who done it? Lieutenant Columbo was all about out witting the murderer and never taking anything at face value. Columbo made the audience think outside of the box rather than just who done it, this was intelligent television.

The beauty of Columbo was always about his intelligent and the audience being able to watch this master detective at work. Columbo was an inspiration to new thinking and new murder mysteries. It is a credit to Peter Falk and everyone who was ever involved with Columbo, it appeals still to all ages and weathered the test of time. Columbo is a true Legend.

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