Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder was based around Doctor Mark Sloan, a respected doctor who also had an outstanding ability to solve murders. Dr. Sloan had his very own murder investigation team around him, he would be supports by his son LAPD Lieutenant Steve Sloan and two fellow doctors, Doctor Amanda Bentley a pathologist - medical examiner and Doctor Jesse Travis an ER resident.

Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder ran from 1993 - 2001, created by Joyce Burditt the show first aired on CBS on 29th October 1993 and running for eight excellent seasons until television executives decided to stop production in 2001 with the last aired show on 11th May 2001.

Diagnosis Murder brought together Dick Van Dyke and his son Barry Van Dyke as father and son on screen. Dick Van Dyke played Doctor Mark Sloan with his son as LAPD Lt. Steve Sloan.

When Diagnosis Murder finished production in 2001 it was followed by a successful series of Diagnosis Murder books written by Lee Goldberg, a regular Diagnosis Murder writer and producer on the television show.

Pictured the Diagnosis Murder team.

The legendary Diagnosis Murder crime solving team was made up of...

Doctor Mark Sloan - Dick Van Dyke
Detective Steve Sloan - Barry Van Dyke
Doctor Amanda Bentley - Victoria Rowell
Doctor Jesse Travis - Charlie Schlatter

Diagnosis Murder also had...

Norman Briggs - Michael Tucci
Doctor Jack Stewart - Scott Baio
Delores - Delores Hall

Diagnosis Murder is a clear winner with Legendary TV fans and still today has a loyal fan base. We look forward to all fans of this show joining in on Legendary TV forums with their views and thoughts on Diagnosis Murder.




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