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Legendary TV brings you the key updates and pictures you want to see from our favourite man in the house, Mr Dirk Benedict.

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Update - Day 1

Dirk Benedict - A-Team Van - Celebrity Big Brother
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Dirk Benedict arrives for Celebrity Big Brother is style, a replica A-Team van while smoking a cigar, the legend that is Faceman has arrived.

Update - Day 1

Dirk Benedict - Celebrity Big Brother Dirk Benedict - Celebrity Big Brother Dirk Benedict - Celebrity Big Brother

Dirk walks down the red carpet before he enters in the Big Brother house, The Faceman proved to be a popular edition to the house judging by the crowds reaction, showing he still has some of his charm.
Update - Day 2

Dirk Benedict - Celebrity Big Brother

Dirk's thinking of his stomach.
In his first visit to the Diary Room, Dirk predicts the first fireworks in the House might ignite from the fridge.
Update - Day 3
The Dirk Benedict Fan Club

Cleo, Ken and Donny pay homage to the Faceman...
The unlikely trio of Cleo, Donny and Ken settled in the garden tonight for a late night session of tea drinking and Dirk Benedict worshipping.

The veteran film director was even treated to a crash-course in 'The A-Team' by his younger companions, keen to 'big up' Dirk's acting prowess.
Update - Day 4
Celebrity Big Brother - Servants Living Area Celebrity Big Brother - Servants Living Area

Celebrity Big Brother - Servants Living Area Celebrity Big Brother - Servants Living Area
This is the servants living area during the first task
Faceman could scam a better place than this!
Update - Day 5
Since her surprise arrival Jade's mum has gained a reputation as a serial farter - and the squeamish Jermaine has just about had enough.

...Yeah, she just did it in the kitchen!" said Jermaine, visibly shaken by the event.

Dirk then let out what can only be described as a cackle.

"I don't mean to laugh," he apologised, while laughing. Jermaine shook his head gravely.

"A little gas, huh?" enquired Dirk

"A little?" shrieked Jermaine. "She did it three times in one night, then again the next morning and just now in the kitchen." "In the kitchen!"

"This flatulation is killing me. I can't deal with this passing of the gas," he muttered, exclaiming again in the same incredulous tone: "Right in the kitchen!"

"Don't strike a match, we'll all blow up," quipped Dirk.

Update - Day 5
Could a romance be on the cards between Dirk and Shilpa?

Dirk Benedict - Celebrity Big Brother

Shilpa and Dirk - did anyone see that one coming?! Maybe not, but a few of the housemates have clocked some flirting.

But while they were busy working out what to tell Dirk, Danielle was already cutting to the chase. "Do you think there'll be a happy ending between you and Shilpa?" She cheekily asked him. "There already is. I have been flirting with her, I tease her...it makes me happy" Dirk replied.

Ooo, Dirk and Shilpa sitting in a tree ... it's that Faceman charm


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