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Sergeant Bosco "B.A." Baracus – Mister / Mr . T

B.A. Played By Mister / Mr. T

Sergeant Bosco B.A. Baracus – Mister / Mr . T - The A-TeamSergeant Baracus was The A-Team’s mechanic, he was able to fix anything and make the ultimate fighting machine just from scraps. His pride possession was his black and red Van, an amazing luxury van carrying all The A-Team’s weapons and getting them out of the trickiest of situations bursting though any roadblock!

Often The A-Team would get locked up in a barn or a cave with only odd bits of pipe and metal around them, up step B.A. and he took charge. Baracus was able to take these scraps and with the help of the others they create a tough firing machine to help defeat the baddies.

B.A. stands for Bad Attitude as B.A. was well known for his temper and how he rebelled against authority, often getting in trouble in the army for beating up higher ranking officers. B.A. would always respect Hannibal and the others even as B.A. put it The Crazy Fool Murdock!

You would never see B.A. without his jewellery, massive amount of chains and rings. B.A. had to be strong just to carry all his jewellery around! How he ever crept up on people without the clinging sound of his gold giving him away is beyond me!

With B.A.’s tough hard guy image he only had one weakness which is maybe why he didn’t like Murdock that much (apart from him being a “Crazy Fool”!). B.A. is afraid to fly, he hates planes and anything to do with them. Of course The A-Team had to fly to different locations and to escape from the military and the only way The A-Team could get B.A. on a plane is by knocking him out, either by spiking his milk or food and even sometimes giving him a whack on the back of the head!

B.A. had a few nicknames one of the most famous would be Murdock calling him an “Anger Mud Sucker”. B.A.’s mum would call him Scooter!

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