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Captain H.M "Howling Mad" Murdock – Dwight Schultz

Murdock Played By Dwight Schultz

Captain H.M Howling Mad Murdock – Dwight Schultz - The A-TeamMurdock was The A-Team’s pilot, he was able to fly anything no matter how many engines it had or how many holes was in it! Often The A-Team’s plane would get shot at and no matter where they were you could count on Murdock bringing them down safely.

Murdock’s thoughts were to say the least seen outside normality and not within any kind of logic or reason. This was Murdock’s charm and you always got the impression that he wasn’t really mad it was just an act.


Murdock’s nickname came about because of him being in a mental hospital, hence Howling Mad.

In each episode Murdock would have a new t-shirt, which would have a catchphrase on, but unfortunately you wouldn’t always be able to read them. One of the best was the t-shirt with an arrow pointing to Murdock’s head saying “This Space Is Unoccupied”, simply great.

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