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Amy Amanda Allen "Triple A" – Melinda Culea

Amy Allen Played By Melinda Culea

Amy Amanda Allen Triple A – Melinda Culea - The A-TeamAmy Allen was introduced to viewers in the pilot episode and became a friend of The A-Team’s. Amy Allen came into contact with The A-Team through a fellow journalist at the paper where she worked – The Los Angeles Courier.

She wanted to hire The A-Team to rescue a friend and colleague Al Massey who had been doing a story in Mexico but was captured by a rebel force.

After making contact with The A-Team she travelled to Mexico to help rescue her friend along with The A-Team. Once Al Massey was safe and the rebels locked up she wanted to join The A-Team as she had also caught ‘The Jazz’. Although The A-Team were reluctant to take her on she said she would write a story on them if she couldn’t become a member.

Hannibal nicknamed Amy as “Triple A” because of her name – Amy Amanda Allen and was soon to be at home helping out The A-Team. Amy Allen was the token women on the show and was never meant as a main character.

Amy Allen was useful to The A-Team as she had access to a lot of material being a journalist. This meant she was able to get accurate information that The A-Team could use to good advantage. Amy Allen was often watch and followed by the Military Police as she had regularly visited Murdock at the mental hospital. As she was so closely watched at times The A-Team had to take extra care in the Military not find more of a connection.

Amy Allen was only in The A-Team for one and a half seasons, it is unclear if Melinda Culea was fired or walked out on the show as there are many reports saying her lines were not enough and her wanting more time on camera. This is true Amy Allen wasn’t at the forefront of The A-Team as it was meant as an all bloke star cast. The story line to Amy Allen’s departure was that she had a promotion and become foreign correspondent for The Los Angeles Courier.

Amy Allen’s replacement was Marla Heasley as the character Tawnia Baker.

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