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Colonel Decker – Lance LeGault

Colonel Decker Played By Lance LeGault

Colonel Decker – Lance LeGault - The A-TeamColonel Decker took over from Colonel Lynch in the second season. Colonel Decker had the longest run as the pursuer of The A-Team being in the television show from the second season to the fourth season.

Colonel Roderick Decker new The A-Team from when he was an officer in Vietnam. Colonel Decker didn’t approve of Hannibal Smith and the rest of The A-Team but you would always see Hannibal going head to head with Colonel Decker to see who’s plans were the best! Although Colonel Decker was far more cunning than his predecessor Colonel Lynch he was often one step behind The A-Team and when Hannibal was on the ‘Jazz’ there was no competition.

Colonel Decker is the most well known baddy of The A-Team due to his successful run in the television show. Colonel Decker was far more dynamic than any of his fellow Military counterparts and you always got the feeling that Decker could really capture The A-Team getting closer and closer each week.

Colonel Decker did come close a few times capturing The A-Team but he could never keep hold of them long enough before the soon escaped. Colonel Decker brought a great edge to The A-Team and we Thank Lance LeGault for being this Legendary character.

Colonel Decker’s involvement in The A-Team was a long and successful one right up till his replacement was brought in the fourth season. His replacement was General Harlan Fulbright who would be the only baddy who would end up liking and believing The A-Team’s innocents.

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