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Colonel Lynch – William Lucking

Colonel Lynch Played By William Lucking

Colonel Lynch – William Lucking - The A-TeamColonel Lynch was introduced to viewers in the pilot episode of The A-Team as the very first Military Colonel to be chasing the soldiers of fortune. The Colonel’s connection with The A-Team came from him being the commander of Fort Bragg, the maximum security prison where The A-Team escaped. Colonel Lynch had been chasing The A-Team ever since the brake out in 1972.

In each episode of the first season The A-Team always seemed to be that bit quicker and always one stage ahead of Colonel Lynch but he did try hard to capture them. In the first episode you saw Colonel Lynch get submerged under water in the Universal television lot in LA, California. If you ever visit Universal Studios in LA be sure to take the behind the scenes tour as you will go exactly where this was shot along with a few other scenes from the first episode. It’s a must!

Colonel Lynch was chasing The A-Team during series one until his replacement was brought in on the second series. His replacement was the Legendary Colonel Decker.

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