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Dwight Schultz – Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock

Dwight Schultz Played Murdock

Dwight Schultz – Captain H.M. Howling Mad Murdock - The A-TeamBirth Name : William Dwight Schultz

Date Of Birth : 24th November 1947

Place Of Birth : Baltimore, USA

Spouses : Wendy Fulton (1983 – To Date)

Children : Daughter – Ava


Dwight Schultz is known to millions as Murdock – Howling Mad from The A-Team and Lieutenant Barclay in Star Trek.

Dwight started his acting career after graduating from Townson State University in Baltimore with a BA Degree in Theatre Arts in 1969. After his graduation he worked strictly in theatre for fifteen years.

In 1975 Dwight moved to New York to further his career and while in New York he made his debut on Broadway in the play ‘The Water Engine’. Dwight also appeared opposite Charleton Heston in ‘The Crucifier Of The Blood’, during his role in this play Dwight won the Drama-Logue Award on Broadway.

Dwight Schultz moved to LA and soon won the role of HM Murdock after guest appearances in CHIPS and Hill Street Blues. Murdock made Dwight Schultz a household name and pushed him right to the forefront of Hollywood. Dwight is also well known for his more recent roles in Star Trek as Lieutenant Barclay. Star Trek has a huge following and Dwight has got many fans from his role in the show. Dwight is also known for doing voiceovers on animated shows and video games.

You can currently catch Dwight live every Saturday on his show with Don Ecker called Dark Matters. Listen to Dark Matter on the Reality Radio Network. Dwight is a great character and this show is well worth a listen.

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