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Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck – Dirk Benedict

Faceman Played By Dirk Benedict & Tim Dunigan

Lieutenant Templeton Faceman Peck – Dirk Benedict - The A-TeamFace was The A-Team’s charming conman and he was a master of his trade. He would be able to get anything anywhere at anytime the most ultimate conman ever to appear on TV. Face would much more prefer to con someone than get into a fight! Face started out as an orphan before joining the army and then The A-Team.

Templeton Peck’s nickname Faceman / Face came from his clean-cut good looks.

When ever Templeton wasn’t helping the unfortunate or running from the military you would find him with a beautiful lady (often ladies!). It seemed that the Faceman only had to smile in the slightest to be able to get the women. Face was a loveable character and very popular with the ladies, on and off screen.

Face was very concerned about the way he looks, always a sharp and clean image. His most loved possession had to be his car, a very cool red and white corvette. This was Faceman all over and finished his image.

Faceman was first played by Tim Dunigan, but this was only for the pilot episode. After the first episode they brought in Dirk Benedict who was Stephen J. Cannell the creators first choice to play the role.


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