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Frankie "Dishpan" Santana – Eddie Velez

Frankie Santana Played By Eddie Velez

Frankie Dishpan Santana – Eddie Velez - The A-TeamFrankie Santana first appeared in The A-Team in the final season five. Frankie Santana was a special effects guru. He wanted to work on the big screen in Hollywood doing all the high tech special effects but instead he was lucky enough to get to work with the Legends of The A-Team.

Frankie Santana was to become a member of The A-Team at the request of General Stockwell, this made Frankie the fifth member of The A-Team. Frankie Santana soon became an outlaw along with the rest of The A-Team and wanted by the military. Frankie didn’t want to become a member of The A-Team but was force to by General Stockwell.

Frankie Santana got his own nickname, which was Frankie “Dishpan” Santana. Although Frankie was an add on member of The Team I’m sure it was the studio’s idea to liven up ratings but Frankie always seemed out of place moaning and being unhappy. Please how could you be unhappy being part of The A-Team!


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