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General Hunt Stockwell - Robert Vaughn

General Stockwell Played By Robert Vaughn

General Hunt Stockwell - Robert Vaughn - The A-TeamGeneral Stockwell was introduced to views in the fifth and final season of The A-Team. General Hunt Stockwell came in after the departure of General Fulbright.

General Stockwell worked for a government department and was involved in the capture of The A-Team in the fifth season. Once The A-Team was captured they faced a court martial by the Army.

With the court martial facing The A-Team they went about trying to escape once again from the Military. Although General Stockwell was part of the task force that captured The A-Team he agreed to help them escape if they would in return carry out some missions for the General. After carrying out these missions for General Stockwell he said The A-Team would get an official pardon.

The A-Team soon escaped from the Military with the help of General Stockwell and disappeared into the LA underground. Once out General Stockwell got The A-Team to carry out missions for him with the promise of them getting an official pardon. This never happened and General Stockwell carried on using The A-Team.

Throughout the final series you never new what General Stockwell had planed for The A-Team as he always seemed to anticipate every move The A-Team took. Everyone hope General Stockwell would come good on his promise to the team but he was a bad all the way through.

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