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George Peppard – Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith

George Peppard Played Hannibal

George Peppard – Colonel John Hannibal Smith - The A-TeamBirth Name : George Peppard

Date Of Birth : 1st October 1928

Place Of Birth : Detroit – Michigan, USA

Date Of Death : 8th May 1994 – Age 66

Cause Of Death : Pneumonia – Los Angeles, USA

Spouses : Helen Davies 1954 – 1964, Elizabeth Ashley 1964 – 1972, Sherry Boucher 1975 – 1979, Alexis Adams 1984 – 1986, Laura Taylor 1992 – His Death.

Children : Bradford, Julie (Both by Helen Davies) and Christian (By Elizabeth Ashley).

George Peppard is known to millions as Colonel John Smith – Hannibal from The A-Team and other roles included Paul Varjak in Breakfast at Tiffany's and Thomas Banacek as Banacek.

George Peppard did have a lot of other roles both on the big screen and television but he never really broke though until he stared as the Colonel in The A-Team.

George Peppard did have a troubled life with alcohol and having many wives but I think we should always remember him in his best role as Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith.

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