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Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith – George Peppard

Hannibal Played By George Peppard

Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith – George Peppard - The A-TeamHannibal was the leader of The A-Team, he was the one they all turned to when they needed to get out of the trickiest of situations. Hannibal always had a plan and was well known for the catchphrase “I Love It When A Plan Comes Together”. Often Hannibal’s best plans came when he was ‘On The Jazz’ although the plans never turned out how The A-Team imagined but they still worked some how!

Colonel John Smith was a legendary leader with fantastic imaginary plans, often the pincer movement was Hannibal’s favourite. Hannibal was never scared of any bad guy no matter the situation or how tough the baddy was.

Hannibal’s trademark was him always having a cigar, this was the Colonel all over and suited his image completely. Hannibal was always smiling and loved getting the rush you could only get by being ‘On The Jazz’.

Hannibal also loved being an actor while not coming up with genius plans. He often played the aqua maniac in films until he was called away by the rest of The A-Team. Hannibal was also legendary at disguises often so good other members of The A-Team didn’t even know it was him! By doing this he would vet new clients to make sure they were legitimate and not sent in by the military.

Lets be honest because We All Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

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