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Melinda Culea – Amy Amanda Allen "Triple A"

Melinda Culea Played Amy Allen

Melinda Culea – Amy Amanda Allen Triple A - The A-TeamBirth Name : Melinda Culea

Date Of Birth : 5th May 1955

Place Of Birth : Western Springs, Illinois, USA

Spouses : Peter Markle (1995 – To Date)

Melinda Culea is known to millions as Amy Allen – “Triple A” from The A-Team.

Melinda Culea started to seek fame as a model joining an agency in New York. Melinda Culea did modelling for the next four years until she made a decision to move into television. Melinda Culea moved to California and first appeared in a series of television commercials. In 1981 Melinda Culea landed her first main television role in a sitcom pilot “Dear Teacher”, this pilot wasn’t a success and was never commissioned.

A few years on Melinda Culea in 1983 got a fantastic opportunity and the one which would turn her into a well known face on television as the role of Amy Allen “Triple A” in The A-Team. Melinda Culea was a sub character within The A-Team although she often made appearances on The A-Team’s missions. Melinda Culea role as Amy Allen only lasted half way into the second series when she was dropped from the show. There have been many reports on why this happened like Melinda wanted more lines for here character and generally more involvement, which never really happened. It was a shame this happened as the show was really just about four blokes and Amy Allen was never meant to be a main character.

After The A-Team Melinda Culea went onto other roles in Family Ties, St. Elsewhere, Glitter, Knots Landing and has even appeared as a guest star on Star Trek The Next Generation and Murder She Wrote.

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