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Legendary TV brings you The A-Team multimedia. Please see below for different multimedia clips from the legendary show The A-Team and also special multimedia from the cast and crew.

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Mr T - Ad

Mr T - The A-Team - TV Ad

Legendary TV brings you a classic USA commercial from the 1980's starring The A-Team's Mr T promoting TR3 Click On Mr T Above or Here to see the clip.

" Think I'm tough! this is tough! TR3! take it from me! Mr T!"

The A-Team Theme

The A-Team - Theme Track

The A-Team Theme in two versions click on which version and which format you would like to download below:

The A-Team Version 1
Windows Media Player Format (WMA) - Click Here
MP3 - Click Here

The A-Team Version 2
Windows Media Player Format (WMA) - Click Here
MP3 - Click Here

Mr T Sounds

Mr T - Voice Clips - The A-Team

Click on the link to hear some of Mr. T's favourite phrases :

"I Pity The Fool" - Click Here
"Don't Gimme No Back Talk, Sucka" - Click Here
"Quit Your Jibba Jabba" - Click Here
"Don't Make Me Mad" - Click Here
"First Name Mister, Middle Name Period, Last Name T" - Click Here
"Shut Up, Fool!" - Click Here

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