The A-Team Show Facts

Have you ever wanted to know that little bit extra about your favourite show? Well here is a collection of show facts from The A-Team.

Fact 1 - Dwight Almost Fired!

Dwight Schultz was almost fired after the pilot episode. TV executives and show producers felt that Dwight was over the top and too much for the audience. Thankfully the audience who sat in on a test screening loved Dwight’s performance saved him from the axe.

Fact 2 - The Original Faceman

Dirk Benedict was not the first Faceman in The A-Team but Tim Dunigan appeared as Lieutenant Templeton Peck in the first episode - Mexican Slayride. Tim Dunigan was the networks choice for the part but after the first pilot episode he was replaced with the creators choice - Dirk Benedict.

Fact 3 - Finishing Time

George Peppard and Mr T were the big names to start with in The A-Team and this showed off screen as toward the end of the shows life George Peppard refused to work beyond 5:30. When Mr T herd about this he also refused to work beyond this time which only left Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz working late into the evening to make up the shots. This is why in later episodes you will see a lot of scenes with just Dirk and Dwight.


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