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Stephen J. Cannell – Creator / Executive Producer

Stephen Cannell Was The Creator Of The A-Team

Stephen J Cannell – The A-TeamBirth Name : Stephen Cannell

Date Of Birth : 2nd May 1941

Place Of Birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Spouses : Marcia Cannell 1964 – Present

Children : Tawnia, Chelsea and Cody

Stephen Cannell is a writing Legend, creator and writer of many fantastic books, films and television shows. It is clear that this man is a living Legend as he was the creator/founder of The A-Team.

Stephen Cannell has always loved writing and one of his early childhood dreams was to become an author. It wasn’t the easiest school life for Stephen Cannell as he had/has Dyslexia and therefore has trouble reading and writing. Before Stephen made it “big” he worked for his father’s design firm and would during his spare time write television scripts and story ideas. Thank goodness he made that leap from design firm to writer!

Stephen Cannell has got many credits to his name including writer, creator, producer, actor, director and even sound editor. Stephen has had an extensive career in television, film and books.

Stephen has not only worked on shows such at The A-Team, The Rockford Files, Stingray, and Columbo he has also had a number of guest starring roles in Pacific Blue, V.I.P, Magnum P.I. and the Legendary Diagnosis Murder.

Stephen’s love is writing and he is still continuing to write a number of successful novels.

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