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William Lucking – Colonel Lynch

William Lucking Played Colonel Lynch

William Lucking – Colonel Lynch - The A-TeamBirth Name : William Lucking

Date Of Birth : 17th June 1941

Place Of Birth : Vicksburg, Michigan, USA

Spouses : Unknown


William Lucking is known to millions as Colonel Lynch from The A-Team.

William Lucking first started his long career in television by graduating from UCLA and the Pasadena Playhouse with degrees in both literature and theatre. William first main guest role was in Mission Impossible and Lancer in 1968. This was the first of many roles William would play over the years.

William Lucking got the role of Colonel Lynch in The A-Team in 1983 and continue in this role until 1984 when the first season finished. Although William didn’t come back in the second season he was and always will be the very first baddy of The A-Team!

Prior to playing Colonel Lynch in The A-Team William had already had a number of other roles on other Legendary television programs. These include Police Women, The Incredible Hulk, MASH, and Knight Rider. This was an impressive list of appearances and had an established career before The A-Team.

During and after The A-Team William Lucking was still appearing in Legendary shows like Magnum PI, Murder She Wrote with four appearances in total from 1986 to 1991, Jake and the Fatman, the fantastic and Legendary Columbo, NYPD Blue, JAG, The X-Files, ER, Star Trek and The West Wing.

I think you will agree William Lucking has been bringing us top performances in many shows and we greatly appreciate everything he has done through out his continuing career in film and television.

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